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Happy New Year and welcome to this new issue of newsletter!

The new council of HKSEMS of 2021-2023 has been formed after our Annual General Meeting in Oct 2020. Our new President is Dr. YANG Siu Ming, Sam. We would like to thank Dr. WAN Kuang-An, Ben for his leadership as the President from 2019 to 2021, who has led the HKSEMS through the tough years of COVID pandemic. Dr. Ben Wan has also led the organization of the 11th Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine, which was the first virtual ACEM. We are sure that the new term of council, under the leadership of Dr. Sam Yang, will continue to serve the field of Emergency Medicine and the society at large with passion and professionalism. 

In this issue, we have an excellent article by Dr. KB Wong on ECMO CPR, which has been the standard of care in resuscitation in many parts of the world. In addition, Dr. KK Lam wrote you a fabulous report on a rare syndrome with a very common presentation. Other columnists also present to you various news and aspirations about is happening in the EM field. 


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