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Dear Members of the HKSEMS, 

Welcome to the 20th Issue of the HKSEMS Newsletter.

Let’s refresh the activities organized by the council in these 3 months!!


AGM 2021

The AGM 2020 of the HKSEMS was held on 23rd October 2021 in the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. It marked the beginning of the 2021-2023 Council. 

Election result for the 2021-2023 council was released in the AGM.

The Council expressed their votes of thanks to Dr Wan Kuang An, Ben for his amazing leadership in these 2 years and a warm welcome to Dr Yang, Siu Ming, Sam as the new President of the 2021-2023 Council.

The first council meeting of the 2019-2021 Council has been held on 2nd December 2021.

ACEM 2021

We are proud to announce that the 11th ACEM has been successfully conducted!
ACEM 2021 is the first ever virtual conference in the history of ASEM, the conference consists of 54 thematic sessions, involving 75 Chairpersons, 162 main conference Speakers from 21 regions and 5 pre-conference workshops with 46 workshop speakers! We are happy to announce that more than 700 participants registered and shared with in these 3 days!!

The HKSEMS council would like to express our vote of thanks to the Organizing Committee and the scientific committee for their great effort in these 3 years!!



who is elected as the President of Asian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM)!!!

The HKSEMS is proud to announce that our distinguished leader, our Past President in the year 2011-2015 was just elected as the President of the ASEM 2021-2023. Let’s congratulate Dr Siu!!!

ASEM is a professional body focused in Emergency Medicine, formed by member societies over Asia, the Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine (HKSEMS) is one of the member societies. The objective of ASEM is as follows:

  1. To promote the science and art of Emergency Medicine in Asia;

  2. To promote, study, research and engage in discussion in all areas of Emergency Medicine;

  3. To assist in the training and establishment of guidelines in the Emergency Medical Care;

  4. To represent the views of the members of the Society and to acquaint the Asian and International Community and other bodies of such views whenever necessary and appropriate;

  5. In furtherance of the above objects, the Society may encourage and assist in the coordination of activities of Emergency Medicine in Asia.

Please refer to for details!



co-joint with HKCEM sports team

The HKSEMS co-organized this course with the HKCEM sports team, comprised of 4 sessions, aimed to gather a group of Trail runners practice and run together!!

We have successfully completed the 4 sections. Feedback from the participants was positive. We are now planning for the advanced class when the COVID situation improves. Please stay tuned!!

Let’s take a look at the happy moments during the last 2 sessions in MacLehose trail 7 and Tsuen Wan.


We welcome the following new member

Dr Yu Stephanie Dorothy Pui-Ming   ❉   RTSKH AED Resident

Dr Cheung Ting Ting  ❉ Medical student 

With the worsening of the COVID situation, the HKSEMS was forced to suspend her pre-planned activities for the well being of her members such as Level one Mountaineering Certificate program, Professional Trail Running program and stretching class!!

Please stay tuned !!

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