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Since 1985

The development of HKSEMS was closely linked to the development of emergency medicine in Hong Kong. After the first A&E consultant was appointed in 1981, a group of dedicated A&E doctors joined together to form the Society in 1985. Thereafter, the Society organized various training activities, published a series of A&E reference manuals and the Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine. These all helped establish the specialty status of emergency medicine in Hong Kong. After thirteen years of hard work, the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine was finally established in 1997.

With the establishment of the College to oversee the professional standard of fellows and training of trainees, HKSEMS continues to strive for the betterment of emergency services in Hong Kong through organizing training for junior doctors, nurses and paramedics. The Society also represents Hong Kong in the Asian Society for Emergency Medicine.


5 July 1985

Hong Kong Society of Emergency Medicine and Surgery registered under Section 5 of the Societies Ordinance

27 Sep 1985

First HKSEMS meeting with the constitution of the Society adopted and the first council elected.
Dr Leung Man Po was the first President.

21 Mar 1986

The inaugural symposium


Co-organized the 6th World Congress of Emergency and Disaster Medicine in Hong Kong

Mar 1990

First newsletter <Emergi-News> was published

Oct 1990

Joint hospital clinical meeting commenced


ACLS was introduced to Hong Kong, in collaboration with Justice Institute British Columbia (JIBC)


ACLS and BLS instructor courses introduced



  1. 4 manuals for A&E doctors, namely Core manual in training in Emergency Medicine, Emergency Procedure manual, Emergency drug manual, Emergency diagnostic test manual was published.

  2. First issue of Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine was published


First Advanced Paediatric Life Support Course (PALS)


  1. First Advanced Paediatric Life Support Course (APLS)

  2. First Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)


HKSEMS became one of the founding members of the Asian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM)


Commencement of Emergency Medicine training courses for Dental officers and other health care professionals.


Participation in 全國兩岸四地急診醫學會議at Guangzhou


Emergency Medicine training courses for traditional Chinese medicine undergraduate students of the Baptist University was organized.


Host for the 3rd Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine


First Certificate course in Wilderness Medicine (in collaboration with
the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong)


HKSEMS organized the first Hong Kong Shenzhen Emergency Medicine Summit, which has developed into a biennial Emergency Medicine conference.


Hong Kong Emergency Services Survey was conducted.


4th HK-SZ EM Conference


HKSEMS celebrates its 30th Anniversary (Book publication / CPR marathon / 30th Anniversary dinner was held)


Successfully conducted CPR Marathon event.


6th HK-SZ EM Conference


“Procalcitonin Guided Therapy: Consensus and Controversies” by Prof Pierre Hausfater (France)


“Patient Blood Management: Management of traumatic haemorrhage in Emergency Department” by Dr. James Winearls (Australia)