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Message from the Council

Dear Members of the HKSEMS


Dr Wendy Cheng

Honorary Secretary, HKSEMS

Let’s refresh the activities organized by the council in the last 3 months!!

Upon the AGM on 28 October, the new council of 2023-2025 was formed.

Election result for the new council of HKSEMS 2023-2025

President: Dr Yang Siu Ming, Sam (UH)

Vice-President: Dr Cheng Wendy (QEH)

Hon. Secretary: Dr Chiu King Yung, Kaiser (CMC)

Hon. Treasurer: Dr So Jerome (TKOH)

Council Members:

Dr Wan Kuang An (RHTSK) - Immediate past President

Dr Cheung Koon Ho (PWH)

Dr Ho Man Kam (UH)

Dr Kam Chak Wah (HKCEM fellow)

Dr Leung Chin San (PMH)

Dr Lo Yat Hei, Marcus (PWH)

Dr Ma Hing Man (NLTH)

Dr Siu Yuet Chung, Axel (RHTSK)

Dr So Kit Ying, Debbie (QEH)

Dr Tsoi Chun Hing, Ludwig (QMH)

Dr Wong Kwun Bun (PWH)

Dr Wong Lok Yu, Tim (QEH)

Dr Wu Yuet Hong, Gordon (TMH)

Induction Program on Emergency Medicine

The induction program was conducted on 18 July with approximately 60 participants. This was the first physical class held after the COVID-19 pandemic, and it aimed to provide essential information and orientation to the new A&E comers including electives and EM trainees.

MMMMC 2023 Multi-specialty Medical Mega Conference (9th-10th Sept, 2023)

HKSEMS and Hong Kong College of Family Physician (HKCFP) co-organized a 90-min session (9am to 10:30am on 10th Sept, 2023) for the topic Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in GP and Clinical Practice

CAS Mountain Search and Rescue Team Mountain Rescue Basic Trauma Life Support (Provider) Course

The HKSEMS collaborated with CAS to conduct a mountain rescue course that aimed to educate CAS Mountain Rescue team members on essential skills for rescuing patients with major trauma in mountainous environments. The course comprised four classes, with class 4 being postponed until this year due to COVID. CAS members found the course enjoyable and provided positive feedback.

Pilates x Stretching x Fitness x Running class 2023

The HKSEMS co-organize this short course on stretching with the HKCEM, the first session was kicked off on 29 June 23, a total of 6 sessions were completed in September. Everyone tried their best to stretch and appreciate the importance of stretching to achieve better sports performance!

ASEM issues

TSEM annual conference

The HK-Taiwan Exchange Trip and TSEM Annual Conference was on July 7th-8th, 2023. Two Hong Kong Team participated in the POCUS game.

Welcome new members

We welcome the following new members:

Full membership

Dr Chu Chun Wah

Dr Karen Wong

Affiliated membership

Mr Yuen Cho Yin

Upcoming activities

Please join our first ever physical member’s event on 5 December 2023!!

Registration will be open in first come first serve basis, please act fast and join us!

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