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Welcome to HKSEMS Newsletter Dec 2023!


Dr CS Leung

Vice-President, HKSEMS

Congratulations to the new council of HKSEMS, which will be led by our President Dr. Sam Yang (President of 2021-2023) and the new vice-President Dr. Wendy Cheng. The HKSEMS will surely reach a new height under their great leaderships.

We would like to thank Dr. Chan Ho Yin and Dr. Leung Chin San for their great contributions in the editorial board in last 2 years!

In this issue of newsletter, a new set of insightful and engaging articles will be presented. You should definitely not to miss the reflection of Mr. CP Leung on his enlightening attachment at HA head office. As immunotherapy continues to shape the medical field, let’s listen to Dr. KB Wong on the introduction of CAR T cell therapy and its relevance to emergency physicians. We will again present to you another great piece of the funny series of Dr. Giraffe about his “private” life.

Please enjoy!

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