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Message from the Council

Dear Members of the HKSEMS

Dr Wendy Cheng

Honorary Secretary, HKSEMS

Welcome to the 3rd issue in 2023. Let’s refresh the activities organized the council in the last 3 months!!

Certificate Course in Emergency Medicine for Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Hospital Authority

The Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine Services (HKSEMS) conducted an Emergency Medical (EM) training programme for Certified Medical Practitioners (CMP). The programme consisted of two classes, Class A and Class B, with 20 and 36 students respectively. The feedback received from the participants was positive.

Hiking Activity on 9 June

Here we are at Devil Hill on 9/6/23 to learn about first aid in wilderness settings with limited resources. They learned how to treat common injuries and illnesses while hiking, as well as important wilderness survival skills. This activity provided valuable knowledge and skills to help hikers stay safe and prepared while enjoying nature.

Invitation by Hong Kong Women’s Doctor Association

The health talk for ethnic minority families in Wanchai, covering the management of fever in children and what to do for accidents at home, was invited by the Hong Kong Women Doctor Association. The talk was held on 21 May 2023 at the Hope Centre in Wanchai, and featured Kaiser Chiu as the speaker. The 30-minute talk provided valuable information and practical tips, helping ethnic minority families to access important health knowledge and improve their skills in keeping their children safe and healthy.

ACEM 2023

The Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine (ACEM) hosted by the Philippine College of Emergency Medicine, was held in the Pearl of the Orient-the Philippines on April 28-30, 2023.

Dr Axel Siu and Dr Sam Yang represented Hong Kong at the conference and delivered talk to the audience.

ASEM Fellowship

Fellow of the Asian Society for Emergency Medicine (FASEM) is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated an extensive and continuous commitment to the specialty of Emergency Medicine in Asia as well as having made significant contributions to Asian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM).

Awardee for Fellowship of Asian Society for Emergency Medicine (2023):

Prof. Venkataraman Anantharaman (SEMS)

Dr. Leung Man Po (HKSEMS)

Prof. Yildiray Cete (EMAT)

Dr. Chaw Su Su Khaing (MSEM)

Dr. Faith Joan M. Gaerlan (PCEM)

Prof. Dato Sri Dr. Abu Hassan Asaari Abdullah (MASTEM)

Pilates x Stretching x Fitness x Running class 2023

The HKSEMS co-organize this short course on stretching with the HKCEM, the first class kicked off on 29 June 23!! Everyone tried their best to stretch and appreciate the importance of stretching to achieve better sports performance!

Welcome new members

We welcome the following new members:

Full membership

Dr Chan Tat Chun Howard

Dr Chan Kin Pang Alexander

Dr Chan Ming Ning

Dr Chan Oi Ying Polly

Dr Chan Pak Yan Ella

Dr Chan Wai Chin

Dr Chang Hiu Tung

Dr Chun Hon

Dr Hon Siu Kei Sam

Dr Lai Hui Pong

Dr Lam Chi Pang

Dr Lam Ka Fung

Dr Lee Ting On

Dr Lee Kwan Wai

Dr Leung Chi Ho Keven

Dr Leung Wai Yin

Dr Liu Wai Shun Wilson

Dr Lui Sze Chung

Dr Ngan Pong Yiu

Dr Poon Grace Yen Yen

Dr Yian Qi

Dr Weng Jiacheng

Dr Wong Chun Yiu

Dr Wong Nga King

Dr Wong Wai Ting

Dr Wong Yiu Nam

Dr Wu Wing Yee

Dr Yan Chung Tin

Dr Yu Chun Hiu

Affiliated membership

Mr Cheng Wai Chung

Mr Choi Yuk Cing

Mr Chu Kai Chung

Mr Siu Ming Chun

Mr Wan Chun Wing

Upcoming activities

TSEM Annual Conference

7/7: Taiwan Hong Kong Exchange forum

Multi-specialty Medical Mega Conference

MMMC 2023

HKSEMS and Hong Kong College of Family Physician (HKCFP) will co-organize a 90-min session (9am to 10:30am on 10th Sept, 2023) for the topic

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in GP and Clinical Practice

Registration and the latest event info can be found at

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