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Message from the Council

Dear Members,
Welcome to the 1st issue in 2023!

Dr Wendy Cheng

Honorary Secretary, HKSEMS

Let’s refresh the activities organized the council in the last 3 months!!

Welcome new council members

We are delighted to welcome our new council members to the HKSEMS 2021-2023 new council!

Dr Wong Lok Yu (QEH A&E)

Dr Gordon Wu (TMH A&E)

AGM 2022

The AGM 2022 of the HKSEMS was held on 29th October 2021 in the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. Affairs related to the HKSEMS were reported in the AGM.

ASEM Academic Meeting November 2022

This regular academic meeting organized by Asian Society for Emergency Medicine, supported by Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine, Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery, Emirates Society for Emergency Medicine and Malaysian Society for Traumatology and Emergency Medicine was held successfully on 18 November 2022. Feedback was good and the next meeting will be scheduled on 17 February 2023, please stay tune!

Course with HKENA

The HKSEMS had been teamed up with the HKENA for years in organizing courses for nurses; the Emergency Medicine course for nurses 2022 was just completed. 25 participants enjoyed this fruitful course!!

Pilates x Stretching x Fitness x Running class 2022

The HKSEMS co-organize this short course on running with the HKCEM, the first class kicked off on 13rd December!! Everyone tried their best to stretch and appreciate the importance of stretching to achieve better sports performance!

Welcome new members

We welcome the following new members:

Full membership

Dr Au Tsz Fung

Dr Chan Chung Lun Jonathan

Dr Chan, Matthew Chun

Dr Cheng Cho Yiu

Dr Chong Kok Hung

Dr Chui Lap

Dr Ho Christopher Ting Yee

Dr Hon Cho Yau

Dr Kai Yuen Ming

Dr Lam Ki Wai

Dr Lam Miu San

Dr Lau Ho Wang Brian

Dr Lau Pui Hang Belle

Dr Lau Wing

Dr Lee Chi Ming

Dr Leung Nathan Ho- wai

Dr Li Ching Yan

Dr Li Hin Son Hinson

Dr Lun Cheuk Yin

Dr Mak Ho Han

Dr Ng Tsz Kiu Odelia

Dr Sara Jane Kelly

Dr Shum Kin Kai

Dr Tai Ngan Ni

Dr Tai Tsz Fung

Dr To Timothy

Dr Yang He Alice

Dr Chan Yu Tai

Dr Li Yu On

Affiliated membership

Mr Lai Chun Ho

Miss Lam Sau Fan

Miss Liu Ka Yee Rebecca

Mr Liu Xuejiao

Mr Wong Wing Ho Alex

Mr Yu Kei Uin

Upcoming activities

The upcoming academic meeting organized by the ASEM will be conducted on 17 Feb 2023, we have invited Professor Marcus Ong to share on the topic: Data science and AI in the EM and EMS, please join us!!

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