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The Champion Olympian

with Dr Lun Cheuk Yin
& Dr Ross Lo

Resident, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Resident, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

We are happy to have the champion team of the first-ever Hong Kong POCUS Olympics - Dr Lun Cheuk Yin and Dr Ross Lo from Queen Elizabeth Hospital with us!

Q: Congratulations on winning the first POCUS Olympic! How do you feel about winning this game?

Lun (L): It was such a big surprise! A big thank you to my awesome teammate Ross and everyone who came to support us that day.

Ross (R): Was unexpected for winning the game! Big applause for my teammate’s splendid performance and it encourages me to learn more and practice more POCUS in the future!

Q: How did you prepare for this game?

L: I've been trying to get more practice with POCUS at work, and I've also been reading up more on POCUS.

R: I have tried to practice POCUS at work and review findings with seniors for better learning.

Q: Any support from your department? Any words of thanks you would like to say?

L: Seniors in our department have been very supportive. They've held a practice session with us and also recommended useful online resources for learning. I'd like to give my sincere thanks to Dr. Pak and Dr. John Chan.

R: Very knowledgeable seniors and colleagues who provide support for our POCUS training during working hours and practice sessions.

Q: Tell me about what you wear today.

L: My teammate Ross came up with a really fun idea about pretending to be the ancient Chinese physician 李時珍.

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