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Message from the Council

Dear Members of the HKSEMS

Dr Kaiser Chiu

Honorary Secretary, HKSEMS

Let’s refresh the activities organized by the council in the last 3 months!!

Co-opting new council member in the 85th Council Meeting

The council endorsed the resumption of co-op of members between HKSEMS and HKCEM. Dr. Sam Yang, President of HKSEMS, was nominated to join HKCEM council as co-opted member while Dr. Clara Wu, President of HKCEM, joined HKSEMS council as co-opted member.

The president proposed the co-opt of Dr So Kit Ying, Debbie to the HKSEMS 2023-2025 new council.

The council welcomed the newly co-opted councillors.

Election in the 85th Council Meeting

The council endorsed the following appointments:

External Affair Committee

  • Chairperson: Dr Leung Chin San

  • Vice-Chairperson: Dr So Lok Tsun, Jerome

Training and Development

  • Chairperson: Dr Wendy Cheng

  • Vice-Chairperson: Dr Ma Hing Man

  • Vice-Chairperson: Dr Wong Lok Yu, Tim

Internal Affair Committee

  • Chairperson: Dr Wong Kwun Bun

  • Vice-Chairperson: Dr Ho Man Kam

  • IT issue: Dr Lo Yat Hei, Marcus

  • Social media issue (Facebook and Instagram): Dr Wu Yuet Hong, Gordon

Health Education Committee

  • Chairperson: Dr Kaiser Chiu


  • Editor-in-Chief: Dr Lo Yat Hei, Marcus

Dinner event: Investment amidst Rising Interest Rates for Medical Professionals

A dinner talk sponsored by UBS was held on 5th December 2023. Keynote address on the market outlook was given by UBS. It was followed by an expert talk on wealth planning by Howden Private Wealth. Finally, eFusion discussed how AI is shaping the medical industry. Over 40 members joined the dinner event and engaged in fruitful discussion with the experts.

Visit to Beijing

The President visited Peking Union Medical College Hospital (北京協和醫院), Beijing Chaoyang Hospital (北京潮陽醫院) and The Peking University First Hospital (北京大學第一醫院) with Dr Wendy Cheng, Dr Clara Wu and other emergency physicians.

CSEM 2023 in Xian (中華醫學會急診醫學分會第二十六次全國急診醫學學術年會)

Dr Clara Wu led a team of six to attend the conference.

Annual Dinner of the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong

Dr Ludwig Tsoi, Dr Wendy Cheng and other society members attended the Annual Dinner of the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong. The annual dinner offered a chance for HKSEMS to develop networking with other medical societies in Hong Kong.

Induction Program on Emergency Medicine

The induction program was conducted on 9 Jan with over 30 participants. It aimed at providing essential information and orientation to the new A&E comers including electives and EM trainees.

Visit to Macau and Zhuhai (Co-organizers of GBA EM Conference)

The President led a team of eight to visit Conde S. Januário Hospital (澳門山頂醫院), Zhuhai People's Hospital (珠海市人民醫院) and The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (中山大學附屬第五醫院) on 12 Jan.

Visit to Guangzhou and Shenzhen (Co-organizers of GBA EM Conference)

The President led a team of eleven to visit The Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (廣州醫科大學附屬第二醫院) and Shenzhen First Aid Centre (深圳市急救中心) on 19 Jan.

Marathon: Pre- and Post-Race Strategy Sharing Session

HKSEMS co-organized this session with HKCEM Sports Team on 12 Jan 2024. Every participant learnt from the experts about the knowledge to enhance their Marathon performance and had a practical session to gain hands-on experience of stretching.

Stretching X Fitness 2024

HKSEMS co-organized this stretching class with HKCEM Sports Team from December 2023 to April 2024

ASEM activity

The ASEM Academic Meeting was held on 23 Feb. Dr Faith Joan Mesa Gaerlan talked about Asian Indigenous Perspective on Emergency Care. Dr Tim Wong, HKSEMS representative, presented in the OSCE session.

Welcome new members

We welcome the following new members:

Full membership

Dr Au Kin Heng Constantine

Dr Ho Yu Kit

Dr Lee Fook Kay Aaron

Dr Lee I

Dr Lee Ka Hing

Dr Kwok Wing Hong Willis

Dr Mok Fung Shan

Dr Ng Siu Pan

Dr Wong Wing Kun, Charlotte

Dr Yau Kin Pang

Affiliated membership

Ms Chan Suk Wan

Ms Cheong Kuan Iao

Mr Tong Tsz Siu

Upcoming activities

1st Greater Bay Area Emergency Medicine Conference & 8th Hong Kong Shenzhen Emergency Medicine Conference (第一屆大灣區急診醫學論壇暨第八屆港深急診高端論壇)

The conference will be held in Hong Kong Science Park from 25 May, 2024 (Sat), to 26 May 26, 2024 (Sun). The theme is "大湾同行,携手救急", which translates to "Join Hands for Regional EM Collaboration." The organizer is HKSEMS. Pre-conference workshops (Research, Chinese Medicine) will be held on 24 May, 2024.

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