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Message from the Council


Dr Wendy CHENG

Honorary Secretary, HKSEMS

Dear Members of the HKSEMS, 

Welcome to the 4th issue in 2022. Let’s refresh the activities organized the council in the last 3 months!!

EEEM preparatory course 2022

EEEM preparatory course 2022 was conducted in the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine building on 25-26 July 2022. A total of 23 participants were registered. 

Positive feedback was received, and participants enjoyed the class!!


ASEM academic meeting 2022

The academic meeting of ASEM was completed on 18 November 2022 with speakers from Malaysia and Emirates. Dr Marcus Lo from the Prince of Wales Hospital, HK presented the OSCE session. Interactive and innovative elements, such as polling were included in the meeting. 

Emergency Medicine Course for Nurses 2022 

The HKSEMS co-organized with the Hong Kong Emergency Nurses Association to conduct the emergency medicine course for Nurses in November 2022 in Adventist Hospital. It consisted of 2 full-day theory plus half-day practical session targets on junior nurses working in the Emergency Medicine Department.


Basic Cycling technique and safety course in cycling

This 4 session cycling course was conducted by Mr Kenji Leung(梁志賢), a former Cycling Team Member of HKSAR. 

11 participants enrolled in the class and safely enjoyed cycling. 

Stretching class

Most of us know that stretching is essential to improve our sports performance and reduction of chances of getting injuries; we invited Mr Ng Ka Long to teach us the correct way of stretching; 8 participants joined the class with positive feedback; the second class with the addition of new elements is now recruiting, come and join us!!



We welcome the following new members!

Full Member

Dr Chan Tsz Kit  ❉ Dr Cheng Ka Yin ❉ Dr Cheng Yee Han ❉ Dr Cheung Ho Man ❉ Dr Cheung Ho Man ❉ Dr Cheung lap Woon ❉ Dr Chiu Ho Hei, Jeremy ❉ Dr Lai Hiu Yan, Joanne ❉ Dr Lee Ping Chung Gordon ❉ Dr Lee Ting On ❉ Dr Leung Lok Man ❉ Dr Man Tak Wah ❉ Dr So Kit Ying, Debbie ❉ Dr Sun Kwok Fung ❉ Dr Wong Ching Yee ❉ Dr Wong Ka Ying ❉ Dr Yeung Wai Hung ❉ Dr Yu Adrian Ho Kun 

Life Full Member

Dr Lui Safiyyah Nok Sze
Dr Wu Yuet Hong 

Affiliated Member

Mr Tong Tsz Siu

Upcoming Activities

Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine Conference 2022 (ESEM22)
Supported by the HKSEMS

The Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM) proudly announce that the ESEM 22 will be held from 7-10 December 2022 in Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates. Please refer to the website for details:


Pilates x Stretching x Fitness x Running class 

You must have been stressed in the recent few months, and it is time to focus on our well-being; let’s move together!!

The Pilates x Stretching x Fitness x Running class is waiting for you!

See you in the next newsletter!

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