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Message from the Council


Dr Wendy CHENG

Honorary Secretary, HKSEMS

Dear Members of the HKSEMS, 

Welcome to the 3rd issue in 2022. Let’s refresh the activities organized the council in the last 3 months!!

ASEM Academic Meeting

The academic meeting of ASEM was conducted on 27 May 2022 with speakers from Taiwan and Singapore.

The interactive and innovative elements were added, such as polling; the feedback and response from the audience were good!


ASEM Webinar on Emergency Medicine education in Asia

The webinar co-organized with iEM was successfully conducted on 9 July 2022.

EEEM Workshop 2022

The upcoming EEEM preparatory course 2022 will be held in the HKAM on 25-26 July 2022. This popular course helped numerous candidates sitting for EEEM in passing the examination throughout the years! Registration is in progress.



We welcome the following new members!

Full Membership

Dr Li Yan Ho  ❉ PWH

Dr Wong Nga King  ❉ PYNEH

Upcoming Activities

You must be stressed in the recent few months, and it is time to focus on our well-being; let’s move together!!


The cycling class and stretching class are waiting for you!

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